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I'm opening this little thing called good day shop

There’s something new coming to One-OneThousand. Well, it’s kinda new - it’s a new form but with real roots. In a few weeks, I’m opening a retail shop right here at our studio (woo-hoo, oh yay, yesss!) where you can come on in and shop home & lifestyle goods year round outside of our markets and events. And I’d love to tell you some of the Why behind it.

Find what brings you joy & follow it

Joy. A simple feeling of being uplifted - gently floating up high above the nonsense, above the noise. Of feeling free and open. Of feeling completely at home - seen - heard. A happy pop, a slight burst of light, a moment of ease, surrender and connection to what is and what is supposed to be.

Crafting a [healthy] relationship with social

It has felt conflicting to me to be building a business based on values of consciously consuming, celebrating in person experiences, finding ways to make people feel seen and welcomed in, creating a home & life that is rich with stories, energy exchange and deep connection. And then spend so much of my time agonizing over creating content - crafting the perfect and most magical story - comparing how I measure up - just keeping up in this other world when I’m actually doing so much in the real world.

On remembering your Why.

The Why brings you the best clarity when things get thick and sticky. It helps you rise up when you’re riddled with self doubt. It helps you have a clear answer when family members or friends challenge your “unconventional” life choices. It helps you speak definitively, passionately and with defiance when talking about why your business/product/project matters.

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