Celebrate a Mom

While we celebrate what it means to be a mother and the roles mamas play to us all, we also honor the story you may hold dear. This year in honor of the holiday, we have a few things in store, just for you. 


Sat April 30: Cival Collective jewelry popup
Fri May 6 & Sat May 7: Lila Barn clothing popup (for kiddos & grownups)


We know how hard it can be to find just the right gift for the mama in your life so we've rounded up some of our favorites. Shop the collection of products below or shop one of our special holiday gift bundles. 


Let’s honor the mamas, grandmothers, moms-we-miss, soon-to-be-mamas, brand new mamas, mother-figures, furmamas, mothers-who’ve-lost, thanks-for-filling-in-as-my-mamas, and all the ways we mother each other. Here’s to our beautiful, complicated and unfolding stories, just as they are. 

We’re gathering your photos and stories for a special in-store installation and social media series. You can share your story and photo of your person here


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