Because everyday living should feel special too. Functional essentials as well as heirloom-worthy statement-makers. We have access to more than you see here, let’s chat about that custom art work, furniture piece, dinnerware set and more.

Ceramic Serving Bowl
Regular price$52.99
Recycled Wool Blankets
Regular price$132.99
Briton on Canvas 36 x 36
Regular price$172.99
Aurora on Canvas 36 x 48
Regular price$186.99
Bastille on Canvas 36 x 48
Regular price$186.99
Recycled Glass Pitcher
Regular price$34.50
Speckle Mug in Drippy Glaze
Regular price$42.99
Ceramic Mushroom Mug
Regular price$42.99
Rainbow Mug
Regular price$54.99
Mini Bowl
From $9.00
Ceramic Travel Mug
Regular price$57.99
Floral Spoon Rest
Regular price$28.99
Mushroom Spoon Rest
Regular price$28.99
Ceramic Beaded Vase
Regular price$64.99
Ceramic Scallop Vase
Regular price$62.99
Knot Box
Regular price$48.99
Ceramic Bobble Vase
Regular price$97.99
Ceramic Gather Bowl
Regular price$117.00
Lurex Sponges (set of 3)
Regular price$7.99
Ceramic Sponge Holder
Regular price$30.99
16 x 20 Wood Frame
Regular price$84.99
Milk Meister Stool
Regular price$80.99
11 x 14 Wood Frame
Regular price$70.99
Maple Charcuterie Board
Regular price$44.99
Waffle Hand Towel
Regular price$37.99
Waffle Wash Cloth
Regular price$10.99

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