Because everyday living should feel special too. Functional essentials as well as heirloom-worthy statement-makers. We have access to more than you see here, let’s chat about that custom art work, furniture piece, dinnerware set and more.

Sage Geo Shapes Pillow Cover
Regular price$74.99
Hobnail Glass
Regular price$24.50
Gold Spreader
Regular price$12.50
Gold Coffee or Tea Spoon
Regular price$8.50
Gold Appetizer Fork
Regular price$8.50
Hedgehog Duster
Regular price$22.00
Crystal Ball Suncatcher
Regular price$8.00
Stained Glass Mushroom
Regular price$29.99
Prism Suncatcher
From $42.99
Beeswax Taper Candles
Regular price$12.99
Beeswax Votive Candle
Regular price$4.50
Incense Match
Regular price$3.50
Tiny Incense Cone Dish
Regular price$11.00
8 oz Tumbler Soy Candle
Regular price$29.99
Botanica Jar Candle
Regular price$31.50
Mulholland Jar Candle
Regular price$31.50
Palisades Jar Candle
Regular price$31.50
Nocturne Jar Candle
Regular price$29.99
Euphoria Jar Candle
Regular price$31.50
Topanga Jar Candle
Regular price$29.99
Ojai Nuit Jar Candle
Regular price$29.99
Coconut & Soy Wax Candle
Regular price$37.99
4 oz Candle Tin
Regular price$12.00
Seasonal Mixed Floral Bundle
Regular price$24.99
Handdipped Incense Sticks
Regular price$7.99
Splatterware Ceramic Mug
Regular price$27.99
Papa Bear Mug
Regular price$42.99
Stoneware Pitcher 64oz
Regular price$67.99
Bubble Mug in Mint
Regular price$42.99

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