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Resources for Becoming an Anti-Racist and White Ally

Resources for Becoming an Anti-Racist and White Ally

To support now:

Freedom Inc : Madison-based, leading an organized charge that needs financial support for ongoing (not just now work). Consider supporting through a monthly vs one-time donation and follow on Facebook for updates & activism

Reclaim the Block (Minneapolis based, accepting donations)


Read, Watch, Learn:

A Timeline of Events That Led to the 2020 'Fed Up'-rising

Anti Racism Resources for White People (comprehensive list with a lot of info)

Refinery 29: Black People Need Stronger White Allies — Here’s How You Can Be One

Medium: 75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice

Black Feminist Thought by Patricia Hill Collins

Sojourners: For Our White Friends Desiring to be Allies (one of the best reads)

Sojourners: How to Erase a Person

Podcast: On Being with Krista Tippett: Eula Biss, “Let’s Talk About Whiteness

Article: “White Debt” by Eula Biss. New York Times

Anti-Racism Book List compiled by author Jane Mount (purchase at Semicolon out of Chicago, black woman owned biz)

Unpacking White Feminism and other lectures by Thought Leader Rachel Cargle as well as another great resource list (black educators should be paid for this work and you can do so through purchasing her lectures or sending a tangible payment, see links in list) She also runs The Great UnLearn

Layla F. Saayd, Author & Thought Leader, podcast, book and more

Madison, Wisconsin specific organizations and information:

Madison 365

Madison Antiracist Email Emergency Response: A List for Ongoing Organizing and Education

Dane County Race to Equity

Progress Center for Black Women (accepts financial donations)

Freedom, Inc (accepts financial donations)

Urban Triage (accepts financial donations)

MN Freedom Fund

National Organizations (more also listed in anti-racism list in first section):

National Bail Out Fund, #FreeBlackMamas (accepting donations)

Color of Change (accepting donations)

Southern Poverty Law Center

Critical Resistance

Black Visions Collective

BYP 100 (aimed at 18-35 year olds)


Black Businesses in Madison:

Madison Alliance for Black Economic Empowerment Black Business Directory

Madison Magazine: 32 Black Owned Eateries and Caterers In the Madison area



This list is just a start, help us keep building it by emailing your suggestions, additions or corrections: email us.

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